These past few years I've had the pleasure of getting to know so many talented people. While I've had the chance to interview several of these artists and designers through CollegeFashionista and District, you've probably only seem glimpses of most of my friends' personalities through the various photos of parties and events that I've posted here. I'd like to start devoting my Friday blog posts to highlighting them one at a time so that you can get a better understanding of who they are, what they do and how you can follow them. There's no better person to kick this off with than fashion designer, Claire Buyens.


WHO SHE IS: Claire Buyens, 20, originally from Atlanta

WHERE SHE IS: Studying fashion design at SCAD, interned at Timo Weiland this past summer

CURRENT PLAYLIST: Travis Bretzer, Beach Fossils, The Drums

DREAM HOME: A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, clean design, stainless steal kitchen, big bedroom with a big bed in the middle, filled with my knick-knacks, a great space for working/desiging/sewing, complete with a dishwasher, washing machine, AND dryer!

OPINION ON UNISEX CLOTHING: Love it, especially the neutral-colored oversized items.

FAVORITE & FUTURE PLACES: Italy and Grand Caymans have the tie for favorite place, but next is Paris, Paris, Paris.

DEATH ROW MEAL: A chicken taco with cholula hot sauce from my favorite local coffee shop in Savannah with a pomegranate bellini and a coffee.

IF YOU COULD GET PAID FOR DOING ANYTHING: I really would just like to knit all day.... but my other choice would be attending fashion shows and viewing collections and giving an opinion that would be valued.

IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, ADVICE YOU'D GIVE YOURSELF: Learn to relax a little and let things go.

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Claire's photograph of her latest clothing designs.

Photo by Cassie Stepanek.